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Herbal CSA

T E M P L E  

F L O R A 

Consider becoming a

TOF Pollinator


The objective of our Herbal-focused CSA is to take your experience  into the realm of plant-based wellness, art and craft through an exploration of traditional skills. By becoming a "TOF Pollinator",  you are embarking on a journey into deeper relationship with the plants and the many ways of working with them.

How it works

You will receive a spring starter set of hard to find medicinal, aromatic and dye plants to cultivate over the growing season in your garden or in a container. Once our farm harvesting begins, we will curate a monthly package with everything you need, along with detailed instructions, for seasonally inspired projects. Projects will be focused in  plant dyeing, herbal skincare and aromatics, home apothecary/ medicine making, and more. In addition, we will be sending out members only content with ideas and inspirations for additional plant based projects to investigate on your own. Explore working with botanicals seasonally in various ways and enjoying the self reliance that comes as you practice these skills.



By becoming a member, you will receive several benefits unique to Temple O Flora. We will be hosting an interactive day of community harvesting, processing and distilling on our copper alembic still, exclusively for our members. You will experience firsthand the alchemical process of distilling aromatic and healing waters known as hydrosols or hydrolats. Learn about the healing properties of these medicinal wonders, as well as novel ways to make them a vital part of your home apothecary. Our pollinators also receive:

15% off ALL CLASSES at the Flora Plant Studio School and Still Room

15% off all kits and Studio School Supplies

EARLY NOTIFICATION of new courses, sales and special events 

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