Current Classes

These are the past and currently scheduled classes for the The Flora Studio School and Still Room. If you are interested in a private group class based on those listed, or if you would like to customize a class, please email us and we will do our best to accomodate your requests.

furoshiki wrap 3.jpg

HOLIDAY SERIES: Naturally Dyed Furoshiki Wraps and Mini Everlastings


Furoshiki is a Japanese style of wrapping items in reuseable cloths. You will dye your own, and create a small everlasting swags or wreaths to embellish your wrap designs. A wonderful alternative for holiday gift wrapping that can be used again and again.

11 am - 3  pm




10/16/2020 and 10/30/2020

Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian incense/perfume which is warmed to release the fragrant molecules rather than being "burned".  We will be creating a basic Kyphi incense formula, which can be reimagined in various ways on your own. It was traditionally made over a period of weeks, one ingredient at a time, with prayers being offered throughout the process. We will be preparing it over 2 ceremonial sessions, set to the lunar cycle, imbueing it with our personal intentions and group offerings.

6 - 8 pm

(2 sessions)





Learn the basics of natural dyeing including the types of fiber, scouring, mordanting, and adjusting colors. We will create a sample board with silk ribbons. This is the prerequisite for our other dye classes and will give you a good foundation to begin your own exploration or to continue with more education at the Flora School. 

11 am - 3 pm 


** Please note: Due to Covid, in person classes have been suspended. If you'd like to be notified about upcoming online courses in development, as well as the re- opening of our studio classroom, please join our mailing list.