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There are currently no classes scheduled, but join our mailing list to be notified of new offerings. We also are happy to schedule private classes for parties of 6 or more. Email for more information



Utah Museum of Natural History + Craft Lake City Presents: 
Botanical Prints on Paper w/ Gold Leaf Embellishing


Learn to make botanical prints on pre-mordanted cotton paper. Part art, part science, part mystery, we will coax beautiful color and print from locally sourced leaves.  As our first bundles process, I will walk you through the steps of preparing/mordanting your own paper, allowing you to create a second bundle later. We will discuss which leaves and flowers will give you dependable results. After we unveil our bundles and see what the plants have expressed during their alchemical journey, we will learn about the history of gold beating and the origins of alchemy in Alexandria, Egypt. Finally, we will add gold leaf embellishments to complete our prints. 

10 am - 1 pm  ONLINE - for local residents only



Utah Museum of Natural History + Craft Lake City Presents: Smell like an Egyptian: History, Reconstruction, and Reimagining an Ancient Incense Recipe


Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian incense/perfume.  Discover the rich history and significance of this aromatic offering in the lives of the Egyptian people, the most scent oriented culture on earth. We will examine and compare several versions of a hieroglyphic recipe for kyphi found within the temple walls and learn about many of the raw materials used through the kingdoms. Finally, we will construct our own version of a kyphi formula, utilizing traditional materials as well as some bioregional ingredients wildcrafted and grown here in Utah. 

6-8 pm ONLINE - for local residents


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