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Fragrant Prayers to your Radiant Self

Exploring Traditional Botanical Arts through Fiber and Fragrance

Temple O Flora is an homage to the magic, medicine and beauty of plants and my lifelong exploration of their language and gifts. I work with plants in traditional ways, a practice that necessitates aligning with seasonal rhythms and cultivating patience and love for time intensive processes. I strive to create with integrity and respect for the interconnection of the plants, teachers and traditions that are woven into everything I make, teach and offer. 

Luxury Botanical Goods

The Shop at Temple O Flora is COMING SOON. We will be offering hand dyed and printed textiles, botanical skin and body products, natural perfumes, incense and other aromatics, as well as supplies and kits for your own explorations in fiber + fragrance. 

"We need to return to learning about the land by being on the land, or better, by being in the thick of it. That is the best way we can stay in touch with the fates of its creatures, its indigenous cultures, its earthbound wisdom. That is the best way we can be in touch with ourselves."

Gary Paul Nabhan

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